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changed dependency check as mpf is not stable

parent 09ecf617
......@@ -22,30 +22,33 @@ help:
@echo ' "make sim" to start modelsim gui with the top testbench of the project'
@echo ' "make clean" to remove all generated files'
mproject : $(PROJECT).mpf
mproject : mproject_created
# The real target should be the .mpf file that is modified in each compilation/simulation
mproject_created : $(SOURCE_FILES)
# create modelsim project
rm -rf ./modelsim_sources.tcl
for source_file in $(SOURCE_FILES); do \
echo project addfile $$source_file >> modelsim_sources.tcl; \
vsim -modelsimini ../../scripts/modelsim.ini -c -do "project new [pwd] $(PROJECT); source ./modelsim_sources.tcl; quit -f"
touch mproject_created
compile: ./work/_vmake
./work/_vmake: $(PROJECT).mpf
./work/_vmake: mproject_created
vsim -c -do "project open $(PROJECT); project calculateorder; quit -f"
modelsim: $(PROJECT).mpf
modelsim: mproject_created
vsim -i -do "project open $(PROJECT)" &
sim: ./work/_vmake
vsim -i -do "project open $(PROJECT); vsim work.t_$(PROJECT)(tbench); add wave *; run -a;" &
rm -rf *~ *.mpf *.mti *.ini *.wlf wlf* transcript work modelsim_sources.tcl
rm -rf *~ *.mpf *.mti *.ini *.wlf wlf* transcript work modelsim_sources.tcl mproject_created
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