Commit 7e4c9160 authored by Friedrich Beckmann's avatar Friedrich Beckmann
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added default timing constraint for CLOCK_50

parent ecc3a212
......@@ -31,6 +31,10 @@ $(PROJECT).qpf: $(SOURCE_FILES) ../../scripts/
for source_file in $(SOURCE_FILES); do \
echo set_global_assignment -name VHDL_FILE $$source_file >> quartus_vhdl_source_files.tcl; \
# create a default timing constraint file assuming CLOCK_50
echo "create_clock -period 20.000 -name CLOCK_50 CLOCK_50" > $(PROJECT).sdc
echo "set_input_delay -clock CLOCK_50 2 [all_inputs]" >> $(PROJECT).sdc
echo "set_output_delay -clock CLOCK_50 2 [all_outputs]" >> $(PROJECT).sdc
# just create a quartus project
quartus_sh -t ../../scripts/create_quartus_project_settings.tcl -projectname $(PROJECT)
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