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# Science Meets Industry 2021
This is the starting point for development during Science Meets Industry 2021. It contains:
- A project setup for PlatformIO including `platformio.ini` and a `Hello World`.
- A bunch of tasks.
## Overview of the puzzle
What are we going to do? Puzzling! Below you find a graphical description of your mission:
![The Mission](./doc/mission.jpg)
## Tasks
Below an overview of all tasks can be found and the dependencies between the tasks is visualized.
graph TD
install_platform_cypress_psoc6 --> compile_smi21
......@@ -20,6 +35,7 @@ graph TD
read_nfc_uid --> optional_read_image_snippet_ansi
read_image_snippet --> develop_solver
read_nfc_hashtable --> develop_solver
clone_repository_smi21 --> optional_structure_project
click install_vscode_and_platformio "./tasks/"
click clone_repository_smi21 "./tasks/"
......@@ -39,4 +55,5 @@ graph TD
click optional_document_code "./tasks/"
click optional_coding_style "./tasks/"
click develop_solver "./tasks/"
click optional_structure_project "./tasks/"
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