Commit 7268c79c authored by Johann Faerber's avatar Johann Faerber Committed by Oran Garrity
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de1_cntupen_step KEY1 connected to en_pi of cntupen

parent dc567026
......@@ -63,15 +63,13 @@ BEGIN
-- KEY(1) ist low-active
long_pulse <= KEY(1);
-- enable signal en_pi has to be connected via a falling edge detector
single_pulse_generator : ENTITY work.falling_edge_detector(rtl)
-- connecting device under test with peripheral elements
DUT : ENTITY work.cntupen(rtl)
clk_i => clk_i,
rst_ni => rst_ni,
en_pi => long_pulse,
-- connecting count value to HEX display
count_value : ENTITY work.binto7segment(truthtable)
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